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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Game Birthday Invitations

Personalized Video Game Birthday Party Invitations

Planning a video game birthday party? I've gathered several fun video game birthday invitations that would be perfect for gathering the gang at your house for a good old-fashioned video game competition. These invitations absolutely work for any age group but would be especially great for an "I'm not a baby anymore but I still want a birthday party with all the bells and whistles" Tween boy's birthday party.

These invitations come to you from Zazzle.com, the world's leader for custom and personalized invitations and other quality products. Each of these affordable invitations were designed by an artist who keeps shop at Zazzle and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As with all of Zazzle's great creatives, these video game birthday invitations can be customized for size and content.

Here's some of the most popular video game birthday party invitations available at Zazzle right now. Click on your favorite to learn more, or to order yours from Zazzle today.

Arcade Video Game Birthday Party Invitations invitationGame On {alt} Invitations invitationSleepover Party Invitation invitation
BOYS Birthday Video Game Station Party Invitation invitationRYAN'S VIDEO GAME PARTY invitationArcade Video Game Birthday Party Invitations invitation
Plasma Video Game Gaming Birthday Party Invitation invitationArcade Video Game Birthday Party Invites invitationArcade Video Games Birthday Party Invitation invitation
Original Gamer Party Invite invitationGame Night, Plasma Video Gaming Party Invitation invitationVideo Game Controller Birthday Invitation 9 x 4 invitation

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Video Game Birthday Party Ideas
The best thing about having a video game birthday party is that it pretty much runs itself. Simply set up the game system and let the kids decide who gets to play first. If the party consists of more players than game controllers, you'll want to have something on the side for the kids to do while waiting. For Tween boys, a deck of cards and some light non-greasy (Gotta keep those game controllers clean!) snacks might be all you need.

Serve something like pizza or hot dogs for the meal so they can grab it and go when it's not their turn and a cake with a video game theme.

A trophy for the winner of the competition would make a fun addition but be sure to send everyone home with a party favor so nobody feels left out.

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